Designer fashions for less

Hello everyone,

So as much as I love my designer shoes and handbags, sometimes I just can’t get my self to whip out the card for some of them (or maybe its my husband on my other shoulder telling me no. Guys just don’t get the shoes and handbag thing)

So when it comes to things that I love but just can’t figure out if I will wear it enough to justify the amount, I will search around till I find something similar in my price range and then that way I can determine if the other product is worth buying.

So here are a few things I found as of lately.


                             SPLURGE                                                                SAVE



Aquazzura    $785.00                    Steve Madden  $150.00

Celine  starts at $2300                                Forever21   $32.90

Aquazzura    $919.44                                  Zara   $69.90

                                 chloe  from $2247.53                               Amazon   $104.90


Well those are my finds as of right now.


So my next big decision is Apple Smart Watch or Fossil Smart watch.


About prettylittlediaries

I am a 32 yr old from Toronto. I am married to Darren a Toronto firefighter and have a daughter named Tristan who's 10 yrs old. i have been interested in all thing fashion and interior design and decided to blog about it.
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