The Essential White Kitchen

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White kitchens are becoming more and more popular among home owners. Everybody seems to want one. And why? Well its not hard to see why. They are bright,  clean and look great in any style.

Some people may find a white kitchen to be very boring and dull, but there are many ways you can add character without compromising the fresh feeling of a white kitchen.IMG_4121




The first thing you want to do when creating a white kitchen is to invest in good cabinetry.The height of the cabinets, the size  of the doors, and the shape of the panels all add to the look and feel of the kitchen. Look to the details of your home to decide what style cabinets would best fit in your kitchen.


Photo courtesy of Freshome

Here are three great styles:

1. Classic. With its streamlines this style will stand the test of time.  2. Farmhouse. This type of style will give you a more rustic feel. 3. Modern.  Simple and elegant is how you would describe this flat panel door.



To build more character try mixing in some glass front doors to help break up the amount of solid doors. Adding glass also helps your kitchen to feel brighter and bigger. It also adds some visual interest.





A major thing in all kitchens is lighting. Try not to place cabinets near windows. The more natural light the better. Add some drama with pendants and hook them up to dimmers so the can be used as both ambient and task lighting. Another great option is under cabinet and/or over cabinet lighting.The idea is to create a harmonious and functional design and combining practical and decorative light helps to achieve that.


Photo courtesy of Freshome


Photo courtesy of House Beautiful



An all white kitchen can have a super chic feel but to add some contrast make sure your floors are darker. Hardwood floors are great. They are soft under your feet and they can add a sense of warmth to the area. If you want to add some age to a new kitchen try reclaimed wood.


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The second largest impact in your kitchen is your countertops and backsplash. Try pairing a traditional veined stone with a nice modern cabinet or modern quart with a more traditional cabinet. If your going for more impact in your backsplash, keep your countertops clutter free to show it off.


Photo courtesy of Picklee


Another big trend is integrated appliances. It gives a kitchen a seamless look and it allows your eyes to flow nicely around the kitchen.

Its also great for those of you that don’t like fingerprints on your appliances. All us mothers know how much we love that. LOL


Photo courtesy of Liz Schupanitz Designs


So I am sure you know the saying ” but white is white”. But that is so far from the truth. Not every white paint is right for every situation. It can be a little overwhelming to choose that one right white paint. So are a few tried and true white hues.


Photo courtesy of House Beautiful


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