Hey everyone,

So since I am just starting out in this whole Instagram and Blogging thing, I am still trying to figure out what my image is going to be. Everytime I get an idea, I see something else and then I am all confused again. So in my quest to find things that inspire me I came across some Instagram pages that I just can’t seem to get enough of. This group of women make you feel like your part of their world. They inspire me to want to live better, eat better and of course dress better. If you get a chance check them out, I’m sure they will inspire you as well.

xx Angela


IMG_5819_thefab3 by Heather






IMG_5831 MIKUTAS by Jacqueline Mikuta



IMG_5786THE_SALTY_BLONDE by Halley Elefante





About prettylittlediaries

I am a 32 yr old from Toronto. I am married to Darren a Toronto firefighter and have a daughter named Tristan who's 10 yrs old. i have been interested in all thing fashion and interior design and decided to blog about it.
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One Response to Instagram

  1. ev says:

    Beautiful pictures as always


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